Lessons, Morals and Friendships

Lessons, Morals, and Friendship


What is the book about?

A famous philosopher Euripides once said, “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness”. Friendships may come and go, but can also teach you an important life lesson. This book teaches us and Miranda about lessons that make her a better person or change her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


One of the main themes of this book is friendship. I say this because I see many friendships build up and deteriorate throughout the book. For example, Miranda and Sal used to be best friends at the beginning of the book until, on page 22, Chapter 7 or “Things that Stain” Sal gets punched by a “Not-too-biggish” kid who runs off and that’s basically the last time they talk in the book. Miranda said “If I’m not wrong, this is the beginning of the story you wanted me to tell. And I didn’t know it yet, but it was also the end of my friendship with Sal.” (page 24). The theme of friendship in the book asks us to think about how friendships change, who we are, and why friends are important and what lessons do they teach us. This made me think about the friendships I’ve had and how they have changed me for the better or worse.


Miranda and Colin become friends in the book, on page 54 when Miranda says “I’d seen him with his skateboard in the park a few times, and he’d always let me have a turn on it, but that was all. And then suddenly he was everywhere” it was the first time she was talking about Colin. Later on, she starts to work with him and Anne Marie at lunch at their local sandwich shop, Jimmy’s. It’s there when she starts to like Colin but also when she starts to notice that Anne Marie likes him too. She learns about love and how to like someone and be affectionate. This is an important life lesson because if you don’t know how to be compassionate, you can’t have love. She later learns that Colin likes her back and they start to date.


Anne Marie is honestly a replacement for Sal when he stops walking home from school with her. Mira had never really looked or tried to be friends with girls at her school, but she decides to befriend a girl named Annmarie. She later learns that Annemarie thinks the same about the one girl that Miranda doesn’t like, Julia.

So what does Miranda learn from Annmarie? Well, she learns about how to be jealous but still have a friendship. We all know that jealousy is one of the worst feelings, Miranda is jealous that Annmarie and Colin are working in the sandwich shop together. The littlest things can trigger our emotions, in this case, it’s not being able to put cheese on sandwiches with her crush. I know, it’s kind of sad right? But she learns the hard lesson on being jealous, but still staying friends with that person. In the book, Annmarie and Colin work behind the counter together and Miranda counts rolls behind the counter. If I were Mira I would be mad but Miranda stays friends and keeps on hanging out with her and Colin together. I think that she is a better friend and a better person because of this feeling, she is learning how to be kind.


Remember Marcus, the kid who punched Sal? Yea, he and Miranda are friends now, but that’s not all that happened between them. Miranda learned how to not judge people on who she thinks they are. She learns that he is actually really smart and likes time travel and Mira is reading a wrinkle in time. “Some people think it’s possible you know?”Marcus mumbled. “What?” He pointed to my book. “Time travel.” (Page 49) I think here she learned about who Marcus really is and when she said he had a “Concepts and Mathematics” (page 48) She was caught off guard because she didn’t know he was smart. She learns that Marcus is a really great person and she learns how to not judge people and she instantly becomes a better person.


Miranda is the the main character, a twelve-year-old girl who lives in new york. Miranda lives with her mom and frequently sees her moms boyfriend, Richard. Miranda is very observant of others feelings, she can make friendships with peoples other rejects and to make truces between bickering classmates. But her sensitivity makes her an easy person to target and is easily heartbroken when she stops being friends with sal, her best friend since 1st grade. But her sensitivity is also the reason why she can forgive Marcus for punching Sal and can see his lost and unique side that he has. She is a great main character and her sensitivity helps her be a good person to others.


So what did Mira learn? She learned many different things, she learned about friendship and relationships, she learned about jealousy and she learned about not judging people. These are all super important morals and lessons that we all learn in our early friendship years. We connect and disconnect throughout the years and every friendship we have, we take something out of it. Whether we notice it or not, we always walk away with something new for us to pass on to our friends yet to come.


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