Me and my organization 

Strengths in organization

  1. I think I’m good in keeping track of my iPad and folders because I keep some of them in my locker.
  2. My other one is not having a lot of apps open because that makes the wifi slower to do my homework.

I need to get better at doing my homework sooner because I would have more time to hang out with my friends and families.  I also need to keep my list Coker organized because it looks like a bomb just exploded in my locker.

My goal is too have my locker organized for as long as I can without messing it up all the time and I think it will help me get to my books easier then befor.

Digital citizenship

1. I learned that I should stop doing so much Netflix and YouTube and many give my mom or dad my phone and iPad so I can foucus

2.I also learned that if I get my scooter I will spend more time outside instead of watching tv all day

3.I also learned that I need to spend more time with my friends


I would asked my mom or dad to tell me if I’ve been on a screen to long and give me warnings like “you have 10 minuets left” or “you have 5 minuets left”.  Or you could set a timer to a Surtin  amount of time or have your siblings tell you.  if it’s not about screens then and it’s about not reading enough or not doing sports that much the you could ask a friend if they could do some reading or practice soccer or basketball or swimming or any sport you do.