MR. Creighton Conference Merrick

Mr. Creightons Goals Essay

In this class this semester we have been doing a lot of conferences on reading and writing and how are we doing with our homework. This essay is for what we’ve been doing this semester and how we feel about what we are doing right now in school and in the class. I’m going to be writing about learning habits and my goals for this semester and talking about my routine for school work.

I think my learning habits are ok because i respect other people and teachers and I like collaborating but the perseverance at home and the responsibility at home are not too good because I don’t do my homework sometimes because I want to watch youtube or play games and I will change that and my perseverance is the same because if I can’t do something right off the bat I will just stop doing it and then do something else and then I forget about it and then I don’t finish it and then its late. My collaboration and respect are the better learning habits for me because I actually follow those learning habits and I don’t follow the responsibility and perseverance.

I feel good about my science summative because I worked really hard on it and I have a few grammar errors and i need to tweak a few things but i think i could get a meeting on it. I copy and pasted some of it and I couldn’t do that so I have to change that but I think I could do better than copy and pasting because if I put it enough work and time I will for sure get a meeting.

My goal for the rest of the year is to finish my 400 page long chapter book and finish another 200 page chapter book by the end of the year. My other goal is to finish my personal narrative by the beginning of the spring break or by the end. My other goal is to get no more beginnings on any assessments and that is my goal for next year too because my grades have been going down and I don’t want to have IE and beginnings anymore because then I get in trouble and also I don’t like having bad grades.

I think that next year will be my great year in grades because i’m going to work the hardest i’ve ever worked on school. This year im also not going to have anymore beginnings or IE because I want to have good grades so I can know more things and so that I won’t get bad grades in high school. The rest of my school days i’m going to work hard on all my school work so I wont get bad grades and ill have good grades ad then if I know more that school will be easier for me and it will be easier to get good grades and then school will just become really easy and I will have good grades.

Catapult challenge reflection

In the catapult challenge we built Catupults in a certain amount of time.  We had a limited amount of tools and we had to figure.  First we had to brain storm our idea on the table and when we were ready we could start building. Me and my partner Used popsicle sticks to make the base and we used popsicle sticks to make the sling shot and we had a really good distance.

The Rosetta Stone

By: Merrick

This is my hummanitys project that I had to work very hard on because I deleted it twice so had to film for more then 3 hours in all. I hope you liked my project and want to know more about the Rosetta Stone and if you do go look it up on Wikipedia.

By: Merrick campbell


Merrick’s cuneiform reflection

Today in class with mr .cook we wrote in cuneiform on wet clay tablets and cuneiform is one of the oldest language ever in the world. We used a shape pencil to carve our names or what ever we wanted to. After that me and Sumair made a time lapse while we are doing it and we showed it after we were done and it looked BOSS!  After we showed it and every body was done Sumair completely crushed his and know it looks really bad. When we were done we were all just admiring ours.